Eset Smart Security STD Server

Eset Smart Security STD Server

Eset Smart Security STD Server
Eset Smart Security STD Server
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Proven Antivirus protection with Firewall, Antispam, Antispyware and Parental Control

ESET Smart Security utilizes the power of the cloud and multiple layers of detection to keep out 
threats and block all attacks vectors. You are protected at the highest level while you work, 
social network, play online games or plug in removable media.
All-in-one Security Suite
ESET Smart Security 5 keeps your computer or laptop safe with intelligent multi-layered protection combining proven antivirus, antispyware, firewall, anti-rootkit and antispam capabilities.
Next Gen Security
The new generation of computer security boasts a large array of security features, usability enhancements and scanning technology improvements in defense of your your online life.
Bulking up Your Defenses
We have built a high-performing security solution against all internet threats, and to secure your personal data and sensitive information whether online or off.  Take your computer security to a whole new level.

ESET Live Grid (Cloud-powered Reputation)
Delivers optimized real-time protection against Internet threats and social media exploits.
Parental Control
Protects your family from potentially offensive web content by blocking various website categories.
Smart Detection
Advanced heuristic detection technology flags even never-before-seen malware protecting you from unknown threats and neutralizing them before they can do any harm.
Intelligent Firewall 
New and improved firewall module prevents unauthorized users from accessing your computer and taking advantage of your personal data.
Improved Antispam 
Tightly integrated into ESET Smart Security, the antispam module has undergone a thorough optimization for even higher level of filtering precision.
Enhanced Media Control 
Automatically scans all USB flash drives, memory cards and CDs/DVDs. Block removable media based on type of media, manufacturer, size and other attributes.
Advanced HIPS Functionality 
This one is for real geeks – now you can customize the behavior of the system in greater detail: specify rules for the system registry, active processes and programs, and fine-tune your security posture.
Gamer Mode
Postpones all pop-up windows, updates or other system-intensive activities to conserve system resources for gaming or other full-screen activities.
Optimized Startup Procedure
No more waiting for signature database download to complete – ESET Smart Security 5 lets you start working immediately after booting, without compromising your security.

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