WINDOWS 7 Premium English 64Bit

WINDOWS 7 Premium English 64Bit

WINDOWS 7 Premium English 64Bit
WINDOWS 7 Premium English 64Bit WINDOWS 7 Premium English 64Bit WINDOWS 7 Premium English 64Bit
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New and improved. Take a closer look at Windows 7.
- Use Snap to compare two files side by side with a quick drag to the edge of the screen.
- Keep your favorite files and programs handy: Pin them to the Taskbar.
- Cruise through all your open windows with Live Taskbar Previews. 
- Quickly find virtually anything on your PC with Windows Search. 
- HomeGroup takes the headache out of sharing files, devices, and printers on a home network.

Top 10 reasons to buy Windows 7
You told us what you loved about Windows XP and how to make it even better. We designed Windows 7 to simplify the things you do every day, work the way you want, and make some exciting new things possible. Want examples? Here are 10 good reasons to make the move to Windows 7.

1. Get quicker access to all of your stuff—use Pin and Jump Lists to keep the programs and files you use the most right at your fingertips.
2. Easily create and share movies—create great looking movies and slideshows and share them on YouTube in minutes.
3. Manage open windows more easily—resize and arrange windows simply by dragging their borders to the edge of your screen.
4. Connect to networks easily—view and connect to any available wireless network in as few as three clicks.
5. Quickly find what you’re looking for—use Windows Search to find a specific file, program, or e-mail in a few seconds.
6. Do more and wait less—improvements that can accelerate sleep and resume and make your PC more responsive help you get more done.
7. Share files and printers among multiple PCs—from one Windows 7-based PC to another, you can share files, music, photos, and even printersacross your home network.
8. Don't leave programs behind—run many Windows XP productivity programs in Windows XP Mode.
9. Stay entertained effortlessly—with Windows Media Center you get one place to enjoy your photos and music, watch and record live TV, and watch free Internet TV.
10. Offers your PC better protection—help keep your PC, your information, and your familysafe.

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